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Has my landlord agreed to be involved in the Tenancy Redress Service?

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The Tenancy Redress Service is operated in partnership with the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA). Not all landlords are members of the NRLA and not all NRLA landlords are signed up to our service. NRLA landlords can sign up to the scheme via their NRLA membership portal.

When NRLA landlords sign up we will be passed the landlord’s details via the NRLA.

We will then contact the landlord, provide them with our Welcome Guide which sets out how the Tenancy Redress Service works along with an information leaflet to give to their tenants to show the scheme works and how tenants can make a complaint.

Tenants should ask their landlord if they have signed up to the scheme before trying to raise a complaint with the Tenancy Redress Service. If a tenant is unsure if their landlord is signed up to the Tenancy Redress Service they can ask us by emailing us at

This service is FREE for tenants to use.

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A step-by-step guide

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Step 1:

What should a tenant do before raising a complaint with the Tenancy Redress Service?

A tenant should raise their complaint directly with the landlord first and then allow a reasonable period of time for the landlord to respond. 

How does the Tenancy Redress Service deal with complaints when the landlord has used an agent?

Agents are required by law to be a member of either the Property Redress Scheme or the Property Ombudsman. If the complaint is about the direct actions or behaviour of the agent, then the tenant should raise their complaint with the redress scheme the agent is a member of. If the agent has stated that the issue has been caused by the landlord’s action (or inaction) then the complaint can be raised against the landlord and the Tenancy Redress Service will investigate the most appropriate way to resolve it, if the landlord is signed up to the Tenancy Redress Service.

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Free Service

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Tenants can use this service FREE of charge if their NRLA landlord is participating in the Tenancy Redress Scheme.

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