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What is the Tenancy Redress Service?

In March 2022, The Dispute Service, in association with the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) launched the Tenancy Redress Service. This pilot scheme aims to offer effective redress to tenants who experience issues with their landlords.

With the service in full flow, this blog will introduce the service and answer a few common queries.

What is redress?

Redress means obtaining a remedy as a result of being wronged, or incurring a loss.

Who is eligible to complain?

The NRLA has enrolled a set number of landlords to participate in the scheme. Tenants of participating NRLA landlords are eligible to raise a complaint. Tenants must also have raised the issue with the landlord before submitting a complaint.

What issues can the Tenancy Redress Service deal with?

The Tenancy Redress Service deals with breaches of the NRLA code of practice. The code of practice covers four main areas/points of a tenancy where a dispute can arise. These include:

- When marketing a property

- When creating a tenancy

- During a tenancy

- When ending a tenancy

To read the full code of practice, please click here.

What are the benefits for landlords?

The service is professional

We aim to help landlords understand their rights and obligations.

We are impartial

We are skilled at resolving disputes fairly, and will provide an impartial view when deciding the outcome.

It gives confidence

Being part of the service shows your tenants that you want to be a good landlord, and helps to ensure that any problems are correctly dealt with.

It is an alternative to Court

Court can be a lengthy and costly procedure. Our service helps resolve issues without the need for further action.

Influence Government

Government announced its intention to introduce mandatory landlord and tenant redress in the private rented sector. Our service will help directly inform ministers’ thinking about the design the service.

How to raise a complaint

To raise a complaint, please go to and complete our form.

If you are ineligible to use the Tenancy Redress Service, please consider TDS Resolution, our mediation/conciliation service that any landlord or tenant can use for mid-tenancy issues where the desired outcome is to maintain the tenancy.

Contact us today by going to and filling out our form.



George Chrysanthou

Executive Assistant

George joined Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) in June 2019 as a Customer Service Advisor. Soon after, George was promoted to work closely with CEO Steve Harriott as his Executive Assistant. Since then, George has been involved in a number of new initiatives in bid to raise standards in the Private Rented Sector. Notably, In July 2020, TDS Resolution was launched. George acted as lead on the service, undertaking cases and being responsible for its daily running. TDS Resolution was extended on the 1st of April 2021 in association with the NRLA where George took on the role as Coordinator. George studied Law and Criminology at university prior to undertaking the Bar Professional Training Course and successfully getting Called to the Bar of England and Wales.


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